16 Tollgate Drive

Location: Dulwich Estate, London

(photography credit: Rebecca Pierce)

This is a complete property transformation of an existing 1962 Bungalow located in an exclusive, secluded development known as ‘The Linked Houses & bungalows’ accessed directly from College Road. The original sales literature states;

 “The linked houses and bungalows offer a unique solution to the problem of privacy without isolation. The grouping of two bungalows and one two-storey house in a calculated ‘staggered’ pattern achieves a harmonious combination with an interesting variation of outline and elevation”. 

To make the most of the garden and sunlight orientation, the property was re-planned and re-organised to offer open-plan and flexible living space whist adding an additional bedroom suite. Blurring the boundary between inside and outside was a key factor in creating a modern interpretation of a courtyard house. American white oak timber slats echo the original Mid-Century timber panelling and run down the central spine wall to create a dynamic contrast with the new modernist materials. The structure and insulation have been upgraded to promote energy efficient living in an extremely comfortable environment, only a short walk from Dulwich College.

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